Sweet sovereignty

Chaos and turmoil had reigned for centuries. Children were forbidden to eat sweets, parents, busy with their fast paced lives, remembered not how a chocolate tasted; desserts were left forgotten. These are the reasons why Sugar Coated was created. It was created in hopes of one day, all things sweet and tasty will collide into one another and make those children, and parents remember what it was like to bite into a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.

What’s bliss?
Of course, one lonely website can’t change the entire world, instead Sugar Coated has decided to plant it’s roots in Vancouver, where it will nest and one day blossom into a wonderful sugary confection. Why go through all the trouble? Perhaps it’s a little bit of gluttony for sweets on my part, but I truly believe in the power of food, especially sweets which can warm your entire body and bring a smile to your face. That is the power of sweets, the ability to bring happiness and joy, to bring friends, families, and lovers close, and to create that one second of sugary bliss, causing all your worries to melt away like chocolate.

Off we go!
Together, Vancouver, we will march into those sweet shops, and explore what was lost and forgotten. We will rediscover our passion for sweets, and revolutionize the world. Vancouver, this is your ultimate guide to sweets.


One Response to “About”

  1. sabeeh said

    lol thanks alot, after i read the whole thing i couldnt stop thinking about chocolate all night. other than my desire for chocolate this website is very informative and very well written, keep it up thoo thoo.

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