Mossy Owls

December 11, 2008

Wearable Goodies

I always knew that my life was missing something, and after visiting Michael’s flickr: MossyOwls, that was confirmed. Not only is Michael a talented photographer and polymer clay artist, but the items she creates are good enough to eat. Just check out her items yourself: flickr or Etsy.

Polymer desserts
From ice cream sandwiches, to cupcakes, biscotti, to Pop-tarts, Michael has definitely got a handle on things. Every work of art she creates is hand crafted and made with care. The detail on these wearable goodies are astonishing; she’s got holes in the Pop-tarts, unevenly sprinkled sprinkles on cupcakes and cookies, perfectly dipped biscotti, and designs on the icing ribbons. Although every piece looks good enough to eat, I’d strongly advise against eating them, for they’re made of polymer clay – too bad for us.

Michael’s hobby has made it possible for us to wear our favourite treats wherever we go. From school to work, you’ll be the sweetest cool cat around.

Make sure to check out her two online shops: Mossy Owl’s Polymer Clay Jewelry, Beads & More and Mossy Owl’s Button Bakery.


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