Cupcake Maker Game

November 20, 2008

Flavored icing, sugar flowers, velvet ribbons, candies, gum drops, and more – the wonderful things involved in decorating a cupcake. I’ve only decorated a few cupcakes in my lifetime, but I know this list only appears to be small in print. Decorating involves buying the ingredients, combining them and fussing over colour, temperature, and it’s consistency. Yup, decorating baked goods is definitely a hassle, but now you don’t have to worry!

Blame Technology

Dress Up Who has created an online game called Cupcake Maker Game that allows you to decorate cupcakes to your hearts content. Did I mention this method was calorie free? That means you can decorate cupcakes forever without worrying about it going to your thighs.

Decisions, decisions…

Though the selections are limited, it amounts to many possibilities. One could make a chocolate cupcake with vanilla ribbons bordering the edges. Or perhaps a strawberry cupcake with pink ribbons and a chocolate flower crown. Limited selections, yes, but endless fun? Double, no triple, hell yeah!


4 Responses to “Cupcake Maker Game”

  1. Simon said

    Thoo Thoo!
    Awesome how you’ve started a wordpress blog! 🙂
    Would you happen to be taking the New Media program at BCIT?

  2. Thazin said

    Yay! Thanks Simon. 😛 And yeah, I am taking the New Media program at BCIT. All of my classes have been fun so far, but I really enjoy Communications for New Media and Overview of Web Tech.

    Did you happen to take this program too?

  3. Kaylee Wood said

    Oh man… remind me not to read your blog in class. The very thought of chocolate icing on cupcakes is making me hungry, and the silly game doesn’t help!

  4. Thazin said

    Mmm… icing… 😛

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