Because everything’s better on a stick!

Admit it, you know you’ll eat anything on a stick. From corn dogs, to cotton candy, candy apples, to lollipops; everything instantly becomes better when placed on a stick. That’s just a fact of life.

The bigger, the better
is a website that creates and sells curious and unusual gift ideas. And now, they have made it possible for you to enjoy a candy classic – the gummy bear – on a stick. And they didn’t just take any old gummy bear and poke a stick through it, no, they had to up the size by, one, no, 88 regular gummy bears into a single giant gummy bear.

Half a pound of gummy goodness
The Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick
itself is 4 inches tall, and weighs half a pound. It comes in three tasty flavours: blue raspberry, green apple, and red cherry. The Giant Gummy Bear includes 6 servings, with 140 calories per serving, for a total of 840 calories per Giant Gummy Bear – hey, it’s candy after all, it’s not suppose to be healthy. makes a funny
It wasn’t enough for them to create the most awesome candy invention since the Twizzler, but they also had to make a hilarious, curiously awesome, Youtube video as well:

Novelty comes with a price
Each Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick is sold for $9.95 a piece, which is not cheap, considering 20oz of regular gummy bears cost between $3-6 on But you know my motto, everything’s worth trying at least once. So go for it, splurge a little and treat yourself to a Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick. Remember, eat head first!


Cupcake Maker Game

November 20, 2008

Flavored icing, sugar flowers, velvet ribbons, candies, gum drops, and more – the wonderful things involved in decorating a cupcake. I’ve only decorated a few cupcakes in my lifetime, but I know this list only appears to be small in print. Decorating involves buying the ingredients, combining them and fussing over colour, temperature, and it’s consistency. Yup, decorating baked goods is definitely a hassle, but now you don’t have to worry!

Blame Technology

Dress Up Who has created an online game called Cupcake Maker Game that allows you to decorate cupcakes to your hearts content. Did I mention this method was calorie free? That means you can decorate cupcakes forever without worrying about it going to your thighs.

Decisions, decisions…

Though the selections are limited, it amounts to many possibilities. One could make a chocolate cupcake with vanilla ribbons bordering the edges. Or perhaps a strawberry cupcake with pink ribbons and a chocolate flower crown. Limited selections, yes, but endless fun? Double, no triple, hell yeah!

Sweet Revenge

November 13, 2008

Ever feeling down? Feel like you need some revenge? Well at Sweet Revenge you can just eat all that pain, hurt, or anger away! Hopefully, because that’s what I need to do, hahaha.

Sweet Revenge is a wonderful patisserie that I discovered through word of mouth. It’s located on 26th and Main, and boasts a small but well furnished little shop. If you ever crave for rich, chocolately, ooegy, gooey desserts. Sweet Revenge has all of that and more! I guarantee it.

From bread pudding to cream puffs, tiramisu to crème brûlée, Sweet Revenge has it ALL. Did I also tell you that Sweet Revenge has a chocolate cake named after it’s shop? Well it does. Sweet Revenge is a torte-like chocolate cake, coated with dark chocolate ganache. How good does that sound? So good that I want some right now, this instant.

So remember, if you’re ever feeling up for some revenge, Sweet Revenge is the place for you!

Trick or Treat!

November 5, 2008

I know, I know. It’s been 5 days since then, but I still can’t seem get off my Halloween buzz! For Halloween, I dressed up as Little Bo Weep with a two headed sheep (wow, that rhymes!). I sewed parts of my costume, like my apron, bonnet, and my sheep. I also paper mached a shepard’s stick but my sister snapped it in half before I was able to show it off to the world. Now what I’m curious about, my nonexistent readers, is what you dressed up as for All Hallows Eve. Didn’t dress up? Then tell me about your adventure into the dark, spooky, and, might I add, rainy night.

Candy, candy, and more candy! That’s what Halloween’s all about, or at least that’s what it’s about in my house. I mean, who can resist those ooey gooey, yummy, gummy, chocolaty, sugary delights? I know I can’t, and this is my loot for this year:

Okay, so perhaps I didn’t go trick or treating, but at least I took advantage of post-Halloween candy sales! I couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked down aisle after aisle of candies and chocolates, most of which were selling for only a dollar a package! Yessiree, this is definetly the best holiday of the year.

I filled up my basket with 4 packages of Hershey’s Cookies and Cream, 3 packages of Oh Henry!, 2 packages of KitKat bars, 1 package of Reese, 1 package of Coffee Crisp, and 3 packages of chocolate pumpkins, for a total of $15. $15 people, $15!! I don’t know if I’ve stressed the fact enough, but you should, absolutely, take advantage of these sales. They do, afterall, only come once a year.